Payment Options

With the increased cost of living and financial pressure most of us face, covering the cost of high quality veterinary care can be difficult.

We understand that circumstances can arise where unexpected financial challenges make it difficult to afford the necessary veterinary care for your pet.  In such situations, we encourage you to have an open and honest conversation with us.  We value communication and are committed to collaborating with you to discover a suitable solution that meets your unique situation.

Our primary focus is always on providing the best care for your pet, while ensuring it’s manageable for you.


While we do not offer account-based services, we have established partnerships with third-party finance providers who specialise in helping pet owners access the required treatment and manage payments over time.

Below you'll find information about these providers.  We encourage you to explore these options and find the one that best fits your needs and circumstances, ensuring that your beloved companion receives the care they deserve.


Zip Pay & Zip Money

Zip Pay offers a $1000 credit limit (minimum $350) with flexible, interest free repayments that suit you.  Perfect for those routine vet appointments.

Zip Money offers a $5000 credit limit (minimum $1000) with the first 3 months interest free.  Ideal for the unexpected and more expensive vet treatments/surgery.

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VetPay provides finance from $300 and is available for use only at vet clinics (that offer VetPay).  We find that it's most popular as the money is allocated for your pet and can't be spent elsewhere, and because most vet clinics offer it.

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StepPay offers a credit limit of up to $2000 and allows you to pay off your bill in four equal fortnightly repayments.  It requires you to open an eligible CommBank account (if you don't already have one) and from there you can choose your credit limit, manage it to suit your needs and you can apply a temporary spending cap.

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