Canine Distemper 

Canine distemper virus is a highly contagious, often fatal viral disease that affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), and nervous system of dogs of all ages. It is spread through the respiratory excretions (coughing, sneezing etc) of infected dogs.

Distemper in dogs usually starts as yellow- to green-coloured eye discharge. This is followed by, Nasal discharge, Coughing, Depression, Vomiting and Eating less than usual. Some dogs only appear to have a minor cold with eye and nasal discharge, while others begin to have tremors, difficulty swallowing, or partial seizures

Fortunately vaccinations have greatly reduced the prevalence of distemper in Australia. Distemper is included in the C5 vaccine we use here at Gold City Vets 🐾🩺



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